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External Hemroids

External hemorrhoids initially develop as pea-sized region outside the anal region. Even though external hemorrhoids start out small, it causes a lot of irritation and discomfort, a reason why people seek immediate relief from this condition.

With time and gradual enlargement of this condition, the area can become more lumpy and enlarged and even develop blood clots inside, causing even more discomfort. Hemorrhoids can be internal o external. With the presence of external hemorrhoids, the chances of developing infections and lacerations increase, leading to more complications.

Treating external hemorrhoids

As external hemorrhoids are located outside the body, it is easier to reach and treat this condition with the help of creams and ointments. The various options available are listed below.

Treatment can include:

  • Ice Packs and Water Therapy. Try using an icepack to relive the inflammation n the hemorrhoid region. A warm bath can also remove some of the burning and discomfort if taken regularly. Try taking a warm, bath a couple of times a day for around 15-02 minutes.


  • Hemorrhoid Creams. This cream generally numbs the external hemorrhoids and thus removes the associated symptoms and also soothes the surrounding tissue.

  • Rubber Band. This barrier method proves useful for larger hemorrhoids. In this method, the base of the hemorrhoids is tied with a rubber band to stop the blood circulation to this region. With time, this region withers and falls off by itself. However, this is a very painful method, and might not be suitable for everyone.


  • Surgery. This is the last resort as it involves an incision in the anal region and surgical removal of the hemorrhoids. Doctors opt for this method only when the hemorrhoids become extremely enlarged and cannot be effectively treated by any other method. The surgeon usually cuts the anal region to remove the affected tissue and then applies medicine to the area before putting stitches. The medicine helps soothing and drying up of the hemorrhoids region.


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