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If you are suffering from hemorrhoids and tired of the itching, and burning sensation, you do not have to bear it for long. Not lots of remedies are available that can provide you immediate hemorrhoid relief. Though this condition does not warrant emergency medical treatment, to get hemorrhoid relief in time you have to select a remedy that suits your condition and heals your condition quickly.

If you suffer from mild hemorrhoids and would like to prevent aggravation of this condition, start by making positive changes in your diet and exercise regime.

Changes in your Diet to Help Heal Hemorrhoids


The easiest way to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids or to avoid aggravation of mild hemorrhoids is by making healthy changes in your lifestyle. But if you need relief from already flared up hemroid, you will need to select a remedy that reduces your symptoms as quickly as possible.

Very few remedies provide quick and easy hemorrhoid relief. Unless you incorporate the following changes in your lifestyle permanently, the chances of recurrences of hemorrhoids will be higher. The following tips will guide you towards what changes are required to avoid hemorrhoids in the first place.

  • Reduce Fatty Foods


Fatty foods like hamburgers, pizza, cheese etc., do not contain many nutrients and make you unhealthy. It also promotes hemorrhoids by not providing the body with the required fiber and other nutrients. To get permanent relief from hemorrhoids and avoid recurrence of this condition, you need to reduce the intake of such unhealthy food items.

  • Consume adequate fiber


Fiber in your diet is known to make bowel movements smoother and decreases the stress and strain in your anal region. Thus, to prevent aggravation of this condition and get hemorrhoid relief, try consuming foods that are rich in fiber. This includes whole grain products like whole grain bread, cereal and also fresh fruits and vegetables. Reducing the occurrence of constipation automatically eases bowel movements and gives you the required relief from hemorrhoid.

Learn More About Constipation


Constipation affects hemorrhoids adversely. It increases friction in the anal region and also makes you sit for longer on the toilet, thus straining the anal region. The pressure on the anal area during prolonged constipation leads to strain in the veins in that area, and leads to worsening of the hemorrhoids. You get hemorrhoid relief only when you take care of your bowel movements and make them smooth and easy.

Although, lots of treatments are available these days to get relieved from hemorrhoids, it is best to target for a healthy body and not let hemorrhoids develop. This can be achieved by healthy eating, regular exercise, and totally avoid fatty and unhealthy foods. Instead make a regime that consists of a high fiber diet and daily exercise and you will get hemorrhoid relief permanently.

Hemorrhoids and Obesity


When you gain weight you put added pressure on your abdomen and hence on the veins in the rectal and anal areas. This combined with poor healthy habits and irregular bowel movements leads to the development of hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoid relief, you not only have to aim for drugs and ointments but also have to make changes in your lifestyle to make you hemorrhoid free forever.

Once you make up your mind, it is easy to set healthy fitness regime for yourself. Talk to your doctor before making any significant changes in your diet. If you want to get hemorrhoid relief and be free from the symptoms you can also ask your doctor for more options and remedies that can help you do so quickly.