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Information about hemorrhoids symptoms


Hemorrhoid symptoms are difficult to diagnose due to the fact that hemroids may be internally placed within the anal and rectal walls of our bodies. Even if you are able to identify some of the hemorrhoid symptoms by reading information given here, it is best to consult a doctor for a professional opinion.

Common hemorrhoid symptoms can be confused with other conditions such as the presence of fissures, itchiness and irritation due to the reaction with externally applied creams or toilet tissue. This may make the skin extra sensitive and resemble hemorrhoid symptoms.

Some of the common hemorrhoid symptoms are noted below for your convenience.

  • Irritation and Itchiness


The swollen veins in the hemorrhoid tissue lead to lumps which cause irritation and itchiness. This hemorrhoid symptom is especially apparent while passing bowel movement. Persistent itching and irritation in the anal region are signs that you should avoid and consult a doctor immediately.

  • Swollen anal walls and veins


The swelling in the veins present in the hemorrhoidal tissue is due to the increased strained exerted during a bowel movement. Other factors such as excessive weight, pregnancy, lifting of heavy weights may further aggravate this condition and make this area more sensitive resulting in pain and irritation. All these factors tend to aggravate the hemorrhoid symptoms even more and increase the severity of the condition.

  • Protruding Anal Tissue


In the advanced stages of hemroids, the tissue may start protruding out of the anus, and then called prolapsed hemroids or hemorrhoids. This loose hanging tissue is a result of strained bowel movement and straining of anal muscles which then pushes the sensitive tissue out of the body. It is relatively easy to diagnose this condition once the tissue is visible outside the body. However, this hemorrhoid symptom also indicates a highly advanced stage that requires immediate medical attention.

Serious hemorrhoid symptoms due to prolapsed hemorrhoids need to be treated immediately, otherwise it might get infected. Prolapsed hemorrhoids that do not retract on its own can be pushed back inside the body with a gloved finger. To prevent further aggravation of hemorrhoid symptoms or more infection, it is best to find a remedy that suits you. Natural solutions are also available that can take care o the hemorrhoid symptoms permanently. HemClear is an example of one such natural product that can alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms for you.

  • Lumps and pea-sized swellings


Although the presence of lumps is a common hemorrhoid symptom associated with both internal and external hemorrhoids, it might be hard to diagnose in the former case. External hemorrhoids can be easily seen on the outside of the anus, but lumps inside the body can only be felt at the time of a bowel movement. When the lumps are strained or come in contact with hard stools, it tends to cause a burning and itchiness and is a very common hemorrhoid symptom.

External hemorrhoids develop outside the anal region, and when left untreated may get filled with blood and more inflamed. This condition makes the anal area very sensitive and painful and has to be treated. One of the treatments available today is HemClear which is an effective drug found online or over the counter, and promises to provide permanent relief from hemorrhoid symptoms.

  • Bloody Stool


Bleeding from hemorrhoids is indicative of an advanced stage of hemorrhoids. Blood can be spotted in the stools or on the toilet paper hen you clean yourself. Bleeding results from lesions that develop on hemorrhoids, and should be treated as soon as possible.

Look for natural cures for hemorrhoid symptoms such as HemClear. This drug that delivers immediate and permanent relief from hemorrhoid symptoms and treats lesions that causes bleeding in hemorrhoids.

  • Anal Wall Obstruction


People with hemorrhoids often complain of an uncomfortable sensation like the stools is not being able to pass out of the anal canal completely. A swelling in the anus makes it extremely sensitive and causes this hemorrhoid symptom. Since a bowel movement irritates the anal region it is a natural reflex for the body to stop the stool from passing.

Constipation can further aggravate this condition as the feces will remain longer in contact with the rectal and anal walls. The presence of these hemorrhoid symptoms is a sign that your body gives for you to seek immediate medical help. If you have trouble passing stool and you think that the other indications are in line with hemorrhoid symptoms, call your doctor for immediate diagnosis.