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Hemorrhoidal Remedies and Over The Counter Drugs

Medications to Treat hemorrhoidal Tissue


Several remedies can bring you relief from the hemorrhoids symptoms today. These remedies range from anesthetics to Protectants all of which aim to bring relief from the symptoms such as pain, itching and general discomfort in the affected area. These remedies can bring temporary relief to the symptoms or even serves as a permanent cure for hemorrhoids in some cases.



The most common ingredients found in this type of remedy include calamine, zinc oxide and witch hazel. The way this remedy acts if two fold. It decreases the secretions from the hemorrhoidal tissue thus preventing further aggravation. And secondly, it reduces the swelling in this area and promotes shrinkage of the hemorrhoids. This remedy can also be used together with other hemorrhoidal products.



The barrier formed by Protectants on the hemorrhoidal tissue reduces the inflammation on the affected area and thus bring relief from the symptoms. This remedy also promotes healing by locking the moisture inside the hemorrhoidal tissue thus quickening the healing process. The common protective ingredients include petrolatum oil, aluminium hydroxide, cocoa butter, glycerin, mineral oil and kaolin.

Local Anesthetics


External hemorrhoids can be treated well with local anesthetics as this remedy numbs the affected area and brings immediate relief from the pain and discomfort. This is possible because these products contain ingredients like Benzocaine, benzyl alcohol, Dibucaine and Lidocaine.



Keratolytics containing ingredients like resorcinol and alcloxa help reduce the itching and sensitivity of hemorrhoidal tissue. This remedy works by removing the flaky tissue found on top of the hemorrhoidal tissue and exposing it well to the other medications. Keratolytics agents can be used both for internal as well as external hemorrhoids, and is generally used in combination with other medications.



Another remedy that act as anesthetic on hemorrhoidal tissue are Vasoconstrictors. This is the most common remedy and the easiest way to reduce the pain, itching and discomfort that results from aggravated hemorrhoidal tissue. It is easy to apply to both internal and external hemorrhoids as it is available in the form of creams and ointments. The mode of action of this remedy includes constricting the blood vessels found in the hemorrhoidal region and thus reduces the swelling. Although effective, this remedy does have some side effects. It is generally not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure and has also been reported to cause abnormal heartbeat in some. Thus, it is always advisable to get an expert opinion from your doctor before you decide to opt for this remedy.



Temporary relief from the hemorrhoids symptoms can be obtained by using Antipruritics. These compounds contain ingredients like menthol, juniper and camphor to treat the burning the pain associated with the hemorrhoids region. Antipruritics reduce the pain and discomfort by introducing and cool and soothing sensation to the hemorrhoidal tissue. If you are allergic to certain oils, make sure you test the safety of these products before directly applying it to the hemorrhoids. There are other natural products that might be able to give you the same relief in the hemorrhoidal tissue without causing any adverse reaction.

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Hemorrhoids can be temporarily rescued by the use of over the counter remedies or cured permanently. The choice of remedy or drug depends on the severity of the hemorrhoids. Usually, for more initial stages, natural products or over the counter drugs work the best. Relief from the uncomfortable symptoms is usually seen in about a week’s time. It, however the condition gets aggravated or the symptoms persist even after prolonged usage of the drug, consult your doctor for more permanent options to treat hemorrhoids.