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Find A Hemorrhoids Cure That Works




Luckily for people suffering for hemroids, there are a variety of different hemorrhoids cure to choose from. There are also several advances that have been made on the at home therapy for hemroids, such that it is possible now to treat hemroids for symptomatic and permanent relief. Patients do not have to suffer and endure the pain and have the freedom to choose hemorrhoids cure that suits them.

The types of hemorrhoids cure can be divided into three main categories – medications that be applied topically, surgical procedures and other fixative alternatives. The best hemorrhoids cure that it applicable to your condition depends really on the severity and extent of your symptoms.

Medications for Hemroids


When you develop hemroids, medications are the first option you are likely to choose to reduce the symptoms. This option might prove effective for relieving the pain and burning sensation but rarely are a permanent hemorrhoids cure. Hemorrhoids medicines come in the form of ointments or cream that can be applied to the affected area as and when needed. These medications can be found as over-the counter drugs in medical stores. Try these creams till you can find a hemorrhoids cure that you can stick to permanently.

Consult a doctor before venturing to try different hemorrhoid medications. The commonly available over the counter drugs fall into the categories of protectants, vasoconstrictors, local anesthetics, antipruritics, astringents and keratolytics.

Surgery and Fixatives as a Hemorrhoids Cure

Though these creams and ointments are effective in providing relief from the hemorrhoid symptoms and last for quite some time, you still have to find a permanent hemorrhoids cure to rid the problem completely. This is offered by hemroids surgery. It is a way to remove the affected region from your body and get rid of the hemorrhoid symptoms completely. Even though hemorrhoids surgery is an invasive procedure with a long recovery period, it is one of the few hemorrhoids cure available today.

Barrier methods could also work well as a hemorrhoids cure. In the rubber band ligation method, rubber bands are tied at the bet of the hemroids to cut off the blood circulation. This enables the hemroids tissue to wither away and is a potential hemorrhoids cure. A similar procedure is called stapling where the hemorrhoids tissue is stapled down to block the blood supply.

The third type of hemorrhoids cures is called sclerotherapy. In this method, a chemical solution is injected in the affected area to shrink the affected area. For more severe cases of hemroids, the last hemorrhoids cure option is surgery, or Hemorrhoidectomy, where the hemorrhoids tissue is completely removed from the body.

At-Home Remedies for Hemroids


There’s one at-home hemorrhoids cure that works and has all the necessary ingredients to remove hemorrhoids- HemClear. It is also the safest option for relieving hemroids as compared to any other herbal and at-home remedies. If used correctly and for a sufficiently long time, HemClear will prove to be an effective hemorrhoids cure. Herbal extracts to treat hemroids are an inexpensive and reliable way to treat hemroids and have been around for many years. When looking for such type of a hemorrhoids cure, look for ingredient like psyllium, butcher’s broom, witch hazel, cayenne peper and horse chestnut extract. If these herbs do not help in treating hemroids permanently then you might have to look for other options like a Sitz bath combined with other alternatives mentioned above.