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You don’t have to opt for drastic measures in order to obtain relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. Identifying the hemorrhoid cause makes it easy for you to remove the causative agents and thus take immediate action to relieve the symptoms.

Analyzing Your Lifestyle


You might not realize it but the main hemorrhoid cause lies in your lifestyle and food habits. You have to be careful about the following habits which could end up becoming a hemorrhoid cause:

  • Sitting for too long, for instance in a desk job
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Lack of exercise


Some factors of hemorrhoid cause that cannot be controlled include:

  • Increasing Age
  • Pregnancy


Altering your Eating Habits


Consuming fatty foods is detrimental to health but few people know that it can also be a hemorrhoid cause.

Here are a few common food habit culprits:

  • Lack of fiber (veggies, fruits, whole grains)
  • Eating greasy, fast foods
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Consuming a lot of fast foods like hamburgers, French fries, and pizza


Consequences f Bad Eating Habits


Constipation is the leading hemorrhoid cause. This is because irregular bowel movements lead to harder stools which are more difficult to pass and pose more strain on the veins of the anal canal.

Constipation is caused by bad and unbalanced eating habits. The more irregular your eating habits are the more irregular your bowel movements tend to be. This directly impacts the anal region and is not only a hemorrhoid cause but leads to worsening of the condition if not treated immediately.

Required Dietary Changes


Increase Fiber in your Diet

Adding more fiber in your diet regulates you bowel movements automatically thus eliminating the major hemorrhoid cause. Consume foods that contain a high content of fiber and incorporate it in your daily routine. If you do this regularly you will prevent the hemorrhoids from getting aggravated.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain high fiber content. Whole grains found in cereals and bread can be an excellent source of fiber. You can also take fiber supplements regularly. Your main aim should be to eat healthy foods and remove the hemorrhoid cause so that this condition can be contained at an earlier stage and does not deteriorate with time.

Contrary to high sugar and fatty foods, a diet rich in fiber makes the stools softer and easier to pass. When you remove constipation the hemorrhoid cause is automatically removed, and continuing this lifestyle makes sure hat hemorrhoids recurrence is reduced.

Weight Loss

By shedding your excess weight, you eliminate another major hemorrhoid cause. Lugging around the excess weight in your body, you not put more strain on your colon, rectal and anal areas, but have more chances of developing hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

This is another factor that people do not take into consideration when they analyze various hemorrhoid causes. Obesity does exert more pressure on the lower abdominal area and thus on the veins in that area. When this excessive strain continues for a prolonged time it can also lead to prolapsed, thrombosed or even bleeding hemorrhoids.

Before taking any severed action to deal with a hemorrhoid cause, ask your doctor for his expert opinion. Losing a few pounds, and making significant changes in your diet and lifestyle may help eliminate two main hemorrhoid causes, and prevent you from suffering from this uncomfortable condition.