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Internal Hemorrhoids


Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the walls of the anus and rectal areas. The location of internal hemorrhoids makes its diagnosis and treatment difficult, and can only be done by a medical professional.

For your reference, here is list of symptoms for internal hemorrhoids symptoms that doctors also ask for when making the diagnosis:

  • Discomfort in the anal area
  • Itching inside the rectal area
  • Sometimes blood is seen after passing stools
  • Experiencing Burning sensation while or after passing a stool
  • Protrusion of tissue out of the anus


Ways to Identify Internal Hemorrhoids


Internal hemorrhoids are small lumps, the size of a pea, that start growing inside the walls of the anus, and when the lump starts getting bigger, it has a potential to get inflamed and cause a lot of pain to the individual suffering from it. It is frustrating to have internal hemorrhoids as in the initial stages, it is not possible to soothe the irritation and itching caused by it with the help of topical ointments.

With the passage of time internal hemorrhoids become bigger and more uncomfortable, and can even sag if blood supply to the area becomes restricted. This condition is known as prolapsed hemorrhoids and is aggravated during a bowel movement. This condition may be similar to having external hemorrhoids as the sagging is visible outside the anus. But even though it is visible outside the anus, the roots of the internal hemorrhoid still remain inside the body.

Treatment of Internal Hemorrhoids


Rectal suppositories are available for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. This medicine is inserted inside the anus, where it forms a protective layer on the internal hemorrhoids, thus protecting it from getting exposed and reducing the irritation and itching caused by it. It also acts as a lubricant that minimizes the contact between the feces and the anal wall.

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