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  Hemorrhoids pictures are useful to identify hemorrhoids. If you want to identify external hemorrhoids, you can compare the external features of the hemorrhoids with the published picture to be sure of your condition. Hemorrhoids develop due to lack of proper diet, lack of water, and unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, hemorrhoids can be treated and removed permanently.

Pictures of External Hemorrhoid

  Pictures of external hemorrhoids are easy to locate due to their external location. These swollen hemorrhoids areas are located on the outside of the anus and easily visible. The features of external hemorrhoids include:

  • Swollen and inflamed area
  • Located on the outside of the anal cavity
  • Red, blue, or dark pink in color
  • Can be bloody (refer to information on thrombosed hemorrhoids)


Pictures of Internal Hemorrhoid

  Internal hemorrhoids on the other hand are not easy to identify as these are located inside the anal cavity. Hemorrhoids pictures which are located inside the rectal and anal area are no easy found as special cameras are required to gather such information. In order to get hemorrhoids pictures of internal areas you would need a professional doctor. This is a more difficult and expensive process than taking hemorrhoids pictures which are externally located. Due to these difficulties hemorrhoids pictures of internal tissue are not so commonly found on the internet. Hemorrhoids pictures of the internal type can be found in case of prolapsed hemorrhoids. This is an advanced case of hemorrhoids. In this case the hemorrhoids are outside of the anus and easily visible. Thus anyone can take hemorrhoids pictures and post them online.

Advantages of Finding Hemorrhoid Pictures

  Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids symptoms are not sure what the medical condition is called. Comparing hemorrhoids pictures found online, with your condition can give you a fair idea of what you are suffering from. That being said, it is also important to mention that diagnosing your condition by looking at hemorrhoids pictures can be helpful to only some extent. If your condition is at the initial stages and the at-home remedies do not prove very effective in relieving your condition it could aggravate your hemorrhoids. Thus you should consult a doctor for more options. Hemorrhoids look different when in the initial and advanced stages. Hemorrhoids pictures can help identify which stage your hemorrhoids are at so that you can

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take the required measure to alleviate the symptoms and make an informed decision about the remedies available.

What is the Right Hemroid Treatment?

  Online sites that display hemorrhoids pictures to help you identify your symptoms also have hemorrhoids remedies to soothe the itching and burning sensation associated with it. Hemorrhoids remedies include herbal and at-home remedies, creams and ointments and surgical procedures.

Finding Hemorrhoid Pictures

  When you are looking for hemorrhoids pictures, find a site that relays the complete information pictures, signs and symptoms, and remedies. This will give you all the information in one site and you can both identify and find measures to alleviate your symptoms.