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The development of a thrombosed hemorrhoid takes place when blood clots get trapped inside an external hemorrhoid. This cuts off the blood supply and may cause the thrombosed hemorrhoid to become more severe. If untreated this region due to further straining and impaired blood flow develops into a more serious thrombosed hemorrhoid.

The severity of the conditions determines the course of action taken by the doctor. If surgery is the safest option, then that is the way you should go. Surgery to remove the thrombosed hemorrhoids is a very safe and painless procedure that permanently rids your body of thrombosed hemorrhoids. A small incision is made after the application of local anesthesia to remove the content from the thrombosed hemorrhoids. Painkillers are also given after the surgery to provide relief to the patients. General anesthesia is not given during this procedure.

What to expect after Surgery of a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid


The surgery to remove a thrombosed hemorrhoid is very simple and does not involve any complications. It is usually done by making a very small incision in the affected thrombosed hemorrhoid and removing the damaged tissue and blood clots before stitching it up.

Most people experience the following after thrombosed hemorrhoid surgery:

  • Relief
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain


Not all cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids require surgery, though. In some cases, doctors recommend taking a sitz bath that relaxes you and also improves blood circulation to the thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Finding the right cure for your thrombosed hemorrhoid is vital to prevent recurrence of the condition. Also, not all remedies offer a permanent hemorrhoid relief and might provide only temporary relief. Being patient and finding a solution that rids you of your thrombosed hemorrhoid forever is the best route to take. This may involve at-home remedies, surgery or dietary and lifestyle changes.

Alternative Options for a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid


Once you get the surgery done to remove the thrombosed hemorrhoid, you can opt to try at-home or other remedies to keep hemorrhoids from recurring. You might to try a few before you find one that works effectively for the prevention of a hemorrhoid.

You have to be careful, though, before you try any of the alternative cures found online. Online cures rarely work for severe cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids and consulting a doctor beforehand is also a better option.

Dietary measures to reduce recurrence of a hemorrhoid include talking regular Vitamin E supplements 3 times a day. This helps in increased blood flow to the region prone to thrombosed hemorrhoids and thus acts as a preventive measure.